Reed-Matthews, Inc.

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Reed-Matthews, Inc. provides Internet Directory and Security Architecture and Systems Integration consulting to developers, consumers, and service providers.

Ed Reed, our principal consultant in this area, is a systems integration architect with particular skills in translating concepts from one frame of reference to another. A generalist in data processing and computer science, he has exceptional depth of knowledge in the areas of networking, distributed name services (ala directories) and distributed security services.

Ed's educational background includes a bachelor of science degree from Purdue University with emphasis in general management and marketing and a master of science degree from Rochester Institute of Technology in artificial intelligence. His professional career spans 30+ years of data processing, customer training and support, programming and teaching, network operations and design, product architecture and product management. He's a frequently requested speaker at international conferences on directory and security topics, and active in the Internet Engineering Task Force standardization efforts pertaining to directories (LDAPEXT) and their replication (LDUP).