Edwards E. Reed


Enable the next generation of computing utilities by making things "just work together". Securely.

Industry Leadership

Mr. Reed has extensive public speaking experience, making regular presentations and participating in panel discussions at LinuxWorld Expo, SELinux Symposium, SecurE-Business Conference, Black Hat Conference, CISSE (West Point, 2004), ShmooCon, The Burton Group Catalyst, Network Applications Consortium meetings, the Electronic Messaging Association conferences, the North American Directory Forum meetings, COMDEX, The Open Group meetings, Novell's Brainshare (both in the U.S. and in Europe), Networld+Interop (in the U.S. and Europe), NIST PKI Technical Working Group. Mr. Reed has spoken to innumerable customers, analysts and vendors about directory and security issues.

Active in various industry standards groups, Mr. Reed has contributed to the development and evolution of LDAP standards and practices, and is author of several internet drafts in the LDUP directory replication working group. In addition, he helped create the Directory Interoperability Forum and represented Novell in both the Destop Management Forum and Directory Enabled Network (DEN) initiatives. Mr. Reed represents Novell on the Open Software Development Labs Security Special Interest working group.

2005-Present Aesec Corporation, Pacific Grove, CA

Sr. Director, Development Services

Migration and support of development environment for Gemini Computers GEMSOS high assurance security kernel to contemporary operating systems, including Linux and Solaris; creation and support of a modern development and application runtime environment for untrusted applications to run on the high assurance Multi-Level Security platform provided by GEMSOS.
Systems programming efforts: extended load-time linker to handle segment relocations for pre-initialized pointers; analysis and correlation of segment relocation requirements for ELF migration from COFF object files, analysis of runtime execution requirements for Linux and Minix kernel interface ports to GEMSOS security kernel
Marketing collateral development: descriptions of Multi-level Secure product concepts including MLS File Services, cryptographic seal secrecy and integrity guards
Consulting engagements: security assessment of U.S. Department of Homeland Security HSPD12 smart card architecture and design, with recommendations to improve distributed validation and trust properties.

2002-2005 Novell, Inc., Waltham, MA

Security Tzar, Office of the CTO

Responsible for leading security product strategy and direction across the company. Worked with architects and business planners to fashion Novell's enterprise-oriented identity-based computing efforts to meet customers rapidly evolving needs, and with Novell's Linux business products to provide platform and application security solutions for enterprise customers. Represents Novell on industry standards organizations, in discussions with strategic partners, and in public presentations. Directed changes to Novell's vulnerability response processes, to better align them with industry standards of practice.

1999-Present Reed-Matthews, Inc., Honeoye Falls, NY

President, Founder

Established firm to provide advice to directory vendors, creators, operators, and users in the areas of business development, technology integration, and productization of directory enabled applications and services.
Business startup support for remote database management and monitoring consultancy (doing business as OnCallDBA.COM), including telecommunications, networks, bookkeeping, payroll, retirement planning, etc.

Consulting Engagements

Providing expert advice and guidance for system integration projects, specializing in distributed directory and security services for enterprise and internet deployments.
The Open Group - Report, directory enabled infrastructure challenges
Novell, Inc. - Report, competitive analysis; liaison, strategic partner
Cisco Systems - Architecture Design, directory enabled infrastructure
iLink Incorporated - Documentation, systems architecture and design
ASPSecure - Training, LDAP architecture
Open Systems Management, Ltd. - Report, competitive analysis
Shoreline Communications - Training, LDAP Architecture
Certicom - Development, LDAP SDK custom port
EnsureLink - Implementation, LDAP directory server installation for PKI
Filenet - Report, product architecture design review
In Association With The Burton Group:
A branch of the U.S. armed forces - Report, multi-vendor directory integration
A large regional retail chain - Report, distributed systems management design
A large healthcare products and services company - Report, directory migration project
In Association With InfoCore, Inc.
An EDI product company - Training, LDAP architecture and product integration
A large insurance company - Architecture Design, LDAP enabled infrastructure

1994-1999  Novell, Inc., Provo, UT

Director, Product Management, Directory & Security Products

Established first PM team since NDS product inception, hired & managed 12 product managers, defining roles with respect to engineering.
Responsible for Novell adopting LDAP support for NDS, and promoting development and support for NDS on UNIX and NT in addition to NetWare operating systems.
Initiated product planning for NAL, ZENworks, LDAP, SKADS, PKIS, NICI, MASV, Single-Store, NDS 5.0.

Evangelist, Architect Directory & Security Products

Technical lead in negotiations and relationship management with strategic partners of NDS technology, including IBM, HP, SCO, Oracle, Microsoft.
Public spokesperson to press, analysts, and major customers for directory technology, with presentations, interviews, and tutorials internationally.
Invited speaker at EMA, OpenGroup, NAC, Burton Group Catalyst, NIST National Security Framework Forum, Brainshare, North American Directory Forum.

Chief Architect, Directory & Security Products

Led archaeological discovery of NDS derivation from X.500.
Represented Novell technologies to IETF, DEN, DMTF, OSF, EMA, ITU, NAC, DIF and other standards organizations.
Lead IETF LDAP Replication (LDUP) design efforts in collaboration with Netscape, Oracle, IBM, Innosoft, AT&T, Microsoft, and others.  Co-authored architecture document, authored schema design document.
Aggressively championed evolution of NDS towards increased modularity and prototyped original HTML and LDAP gateways to NDS. 
Patent #5,687,235 CERTIFICATE REVOCATION PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZATION, with Radia J. Perlman and Tammy G. Carter.

1986-1994  Xerox Corporation, Rochester, NY

Network Architect, Knowledge Engineer

Assisted in design and deployment of the corporate TCP/IP network.
Consulted with corporate information management architecture and strategy team with regard to electronic data interchange (EDI), desktop systems support, migration from deployed XNS infrastructure.
Designed and co-developed enterprise-wide network inventory discovery and reporting system using network management protocols and Oracle.
Developed SNA, XNS, TCP/IP integration solutions for tying MVS, Unix, Star, and CPM-based information systems together.
Investigated use of genetic algorithms to solve complex configuration problems.  Designed and co-developed proof-of-concept system using distributed environment of 20 computers, a real-time GUI, solving several-thousand city traveling salesman problems.

1985-1986 Software Quality Associates, Inc., Rochester, NY


Small business consultancy. Sold integrated small business accounting systems.

1985-1986 Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY

Adjunct Instructor & Graduate Student, Computer Science Department

Taught Introduction to Programming, Data Structures and COBOL at the undergraduate level.

1980-1985 Harris Corporation, Quincy, IL & Rochester, NY

Sr. Software Test Engineer

Designed, wrote, and executed software test plan for NATO CrossFox (NODECA) distributed, two way radio computerized command and control system. Secret security clearance.

Manager, Product Marketing

Trained radio transmitter (!) sales team to sell computers, and provided proposal, sales, and close assistance.  Doubled prior sales rate.
Designed and developed Australian version of Autotron, led installation, training and test on-site in Sydney, trained representative technical staff to provide on-going support, and supported sales representatives there and in New Zealand.

1976-1980 Automation Electronics, Inc., Lafayette, IN

VP Customer Service, Owner/Founder

Installed, trained and supported operations of ~60 radio station business computer systems (Autotron), including order entry, commercial scheduling, program log reconciliation, billing, A/R, A/P, P/R, G/L (Honeywell Level 6, COBOL, RPGII and Fortran). 
Acquired by Harris Corporation, Quincy, IL

1974-1975 Trace, Inc., Lafayette, IN

Account Executive

Sold, programmed, installed and operated small business service bureau computer services. Learned RPGII for IBM System/32 

1972-1974 Creative Media Services, Lafayette, IN


Advertising agency producing radio and print commercials, and placing advertising with local media. 

1972-1974 Various Radio and Television Stations, Lafayette, IN

On-air personality, disc jockey, off-air news reporter/writer, booth announcer.


1971–1975 Purdue University, W. Lafayette, IN

B.S., General Management & Marketing.
Debate, student government, student radio stations, self-supporting with full-time work at local radio and television stations (announcing, reporting).

1985-1990 Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY

M.S., Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence & Database)
Graduate project in neural networks for noise reduction in digital images
Taught undergraduate classes in Pascal, data structures and COBOL.

1980-Present Various Professional

Harris Marketing for Middle Management.
Xerox Quality training, including process, problem solving, interpersonal communications, and management classes.


Moab Music Festival board of trustees (former president/chairman)
Interests include distributed computing, science, strategy and speculative fiction.

Contact Information:

Edwards E. Reed
41 Sycamore Ridge
Honeoye Falls, NY 14472
email: or
+1 (585) 582-3175 or
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