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Reed-Matthews, Inc. is interested in the matter of Trust as it applies to interactions between people, machines, and organizations. We view Security as the management of Trust

  • Who do you Trust?
  • Why do you Trust them?
  • What do you Trust them to do?
  • How will you know if you should no longer Trust them?

Those questions create the framework for understanding how the industry views Security. But it also provides the basis for relating the kinds of security we're talking about to the practice of risk management in the "real world".

Risk and Trust are inter-related concepts. Risk is a measure of whether Trust is well placed.

Generally, when we say we trust something, we mean that its behavior is predictable, that it does what is expected, that it doesn't do what it's not supposed to do, and it will do what it does when its supposed to do it. These are common-sense measures - do we "trust" our friend? Our car? Your web server? Some vendor?

This web site will provide a collection point for resources in the areas of security, and as a place to publish our thoughts on particular problems and potential solutions.

Reed-Matthews, Inc. works with a number of partners to provide access to world-class talent in the Security arena, including InfoCore, Inc.

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